First Central Asian Internet Governance Forum

The Central Asian Internet Governance Forum (CAIGF) 2016 brings various stakeholders from Central Asia, the ex Soviet Union republics, and South Asia to discuss issues around Internet Governance. The CAIGF agenda will include following topics:

  • The Future of the Internet: National and Global Approaches

  • The Role of DNS Industry in Central Asian Economies

  • Infrastructure and Access Technologies

  • Digital Inequality and Internet Innovations in Central Asia

  • Maintaining the Balance Between Internet Freedom and Security in Central Asia

  • National Cybersecurity Strategies

  • Economic Growth Through Development of Internet

  • Critical Infrastructure Protection

  • The Role of Government in Internet Regulation

The core Central Asian countries include Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Afghanistan, however, participation at the CAIGF is open for participants from across the globe.

Category: Internet

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Ticket: This is a free event