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Learn how to enter competitions through DEWAE's Innovation Support Program

The DEWAE Innovation Support Program is an initiative by the Ministry of Communications and IT, and funded by the World Bank. It functions through a series of competitions for the IT sector, including students, professionals, groups and companies. Its main objectives are to promote a culture of innovation in Afghanistan in ICT, mobile and related technologies and their use in the government in order to enhance its efficiency and effectiveness; and encourage innovation and adoption of ICT and mobile technologies in Afghan society at large, thereby accelerating the development of the ICT sector in the country. 

 Following are three categories in DEWAE Program:

• M-Technology/Governance Award Competition

• Student Award Competition

• IT Champion Award Competition

 Each competition has its own deadlines, which are announced through its website, social media pages and other mainstream media, in which prospective applicants have to apply within given period of time. You can find out details in the website (  

 These are some of the testimonials of previous winners: 

 “This great initiative by MCIT helped me become more confident regarding the opportunities in the field of IT in Afghanistan. Also, it motivated me to work on more innovative projects that would help towards development of Information Technology (IT) in the country. I have found the process very competitive and transparent. I highly recommend students, IT professionals, companies and any entity eligible, should apply for this incredible opportunity." - Mr. Saboor Mobariz, IT Champion Award (Round One) Winner

“It was very competitive having the current market in mind but at the same time is consistent of corruption-free committee. I would say it’s always good to participate in such competitions. It encourages you and gives you the ability not only to compare yourself but also helps you build yourself even more with the constructive feedback." - Mr. Shershah Rahim, Student Award (Round One) Winner

 “This is a good effort of MCIT by providing these kinds of opportunities. It supports and motivates professionals to work for their country. This kind of opportunity can help in the development of country. DEWAE is the best opportunities to utilize your skill and work on your ideas.” - Mr. Nasim Bahar, Student Award (Round One) Winner

“I really appreciate the opportunity MCIT provided to create an environment of innovation in Afghanistan. This effort is a very unique one, and facilitated the showcasing of innovational approaches and solutions to critical government, society and other public problems of the Afghanistan through information technology. DEWAE is an opportunity for every Computer Science students or IT enthusiasts to showcase their innovative solutions to make life easier for the citizens of our country. I recommend the prospective applicants to take this opportunity serious and then enjoy the ride." - Mr. Jamshid Hashimi, M-Technology/Governance Award (Round One) Winner

For further details about DEWAE Innovation Support Program, please contact:

 Mr. Ibrahim Farooq
Tel: +93 – (0) – 774755005

 Mr. Tariq M. Osman
Tel: +93 – (0) – 777210856


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