Female Technologists in Afghanistan to Launch 20 Locally Developed Mobile Apps

TechDera, a community technology center in Kabul is attempting to break a male dominated industry by training computer science students from Kabul University in mobile app development

A Mobile Apps Development Learning Project kicked off in Kabul, Afghanistan to help young computer science students and graduates develop mobile based software solutions for the country’s critical problems. The project is implemented by TechNation, a Kabul-based technology firm, TechDera, a community technology centre, in collaboration with TechWomen Afghanistan, a network of women in technology, and TechLabs, a software development house with the support from United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

The program is designed to provide the hands-on training, learning and internship opportunity to 30 Afghan Women in two distinct but related modes: development, in which an app is made functional; and design, through which an app is made usable. The program participants are expected to consider both modes when producing their apps. Each participant will develop and deploy a mobile application, which will be available on Google Play and App Store.


A Project Opening Ceremony was held in Nov 4, 2015 at TechNation headquarters, in Kabul, attended about 50 guests (with up to 70% female participants). Speakers included the UNESCO representative Sayed Habibullah, TechNation top management, program participants, partners and mentors. Omar Mansoor Ansari, TechNation’s President, introduced the program and discussed the importance of the program. “Mobile applications market is not only revolutionising the software industry, but it also has a profound impact on the national economy. this program is a great learning opportunity addressing challenges arising from shortage of qualified mobile apps developers in Afghanistan.” Ansari said.  


Mr.Sayed Habibullah spoke about the UNESCO worldwide mobile apps development training. “This is not the first time, we supported the Regional Open Source Conference of Central Asia in 2011, and are committed to continuing supporting initiatives that create technologies in the Afghanistan.” Mr. Habibullah said. He added: “We are very pleased to see 70% of the participants in this program are women. This was beyond our expectations.


The Mobile Apps Development Learning Program includes a hands-on practical training and a year long internship program. This is a unique program and the first of its kind in Afghanistan, where young people gain practical knowledge as will as work experience.

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