Kabul-based Technology Incubator, Ibtikaar, Graduates 12 Startup Companies

Held at Safi Landmark Hotel with a series of eminent speakers from government and civil society, the graduation was a symbol of the growing start-up culture in Kabul.

Ibtikaar, a technology startup business incubator in Kabul, graduated 12 technology startups after successfully completing an 8-month incubation program.  The 12 companies are providing innovative technology solutions for Afghanistan. These companies include: AfghanID Ltd, an online business directory provider; BrightBits Ltd, an online ticketing system provider; Buraq Technologies Ltd, healthcare system provider for mobile; Experts Valley Ltd, a sourcing company; Friends Software Ltd, trilingual dictionary for English, Pashto and Dari and vehicle information management provider; Focus Technologies Ltd, information management solutions provider for government institutions; HSoft Ltd, a health management software provider; MSoft Ltd, a school management information system; PeakSoft Ltd, an online examination system provider; SparkTech Ltd, a real estate web portal; Turbo Soft Ltd, a tailoring management system provider; and UltraRate Ltd, a training institute management system provider.

The Ministry of Communications and IT (MCIT) and TechNation celebrated the graduation through a ceremony held on 14th May 2015 at Safi Landmark Hotel. All the startups were awarded with program completion certificates. The event speakers included Minister of Communications and IT, Mr. Abdul Razaq Vahidi; Advisor to the President, Dr. Mohammed Qayoumi; Deputy Minister (IT) at MCIT, Mr Mohammed Aimal Marjan; and Mr. Omar Mansoor Ansari, President at TechNation. About 120 people, including leaders from the industry and civil society, attended the event.  

Mr. Vahidi emphasized the need to support early stage startups and to create an entrepreneurial culture. “We should make a shift from a project-based approach to a program-based approach. Ibtikaar should transform into a country-wide national program to create a vibrant local market,” said Mr. Vahidi. “The Ibtikaar program is a testimony of the concerted efforts of both the entrepreneurs and the team involved in driving the entire business incubation process,” he added.

“The emergence of new technology companies in developing countries has a unique positive impact on their economic growth and development,” said Dr. Qayoumi. “Innovation is the greatest source for information technology boom.”

“Entrepreneurship is key to economic development, and programs such as Ibtikaar play a key role in strengthening entrepreneurship. In the past two years we have worked with the startups from ideation to creating a business plan, team building and incorporation,” said Omar Mansoor Ansari, President of TechNation. He added that the Ibtikaar startups were ready for a proper launch in the market, and if supported they could become enduring, sustainable and successful companies.

Ibtikaar (http://ibtikaar.gov.af) is MCIT’s technology business incubator; managed and led by TechNation with support from the World Bank. Ibtikaar was founded in July 2014, and since then, it has been providing technology startups with office facilities, mentorship and coaching, business advisory services, market and funding access and networking opportunities. Ibtikaar graduated eight startup companies in the first round of incubation in 2015, and with graduating 12 startups this round the total number of graduates include 20 startups, all based in Kabul.

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